Welcome to the University Budget Office home page.

The University Budget Office is charged with providing timely, relevant and accurate budget information and services to the university community in fulfilling the statutory budgeting and data reporting requirements. Our office proposes and conducts a wide variety of analytical studies that serves to support the planning and budget development initiatives of the university. There are always opportunities and challenges facing the university and our office is actively engaged in addressing the budgetary impact.

Our staff deploys knowledge and information in innovative ways through reports and processes to support the university The navigation menu above provides a quick link and access to the information and services our office provides.

In our continuing efforts to make budget and other financial information more available, please let us know if you have suggestions for other data elements and related topics that are not displayed. Please send your input to budu@iu.edu.

Samuel Adams, Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning

Samuel B. Adams
Associate Vice President for Budget and Planning
Indiana Univeristy